What if the Spirit is a Breath?

2020. February 23. March 13. May 25. Amaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. For many, the murders of these beloved siblings of African descent were a catalyzing moment, as millions of people around the world took to the streets in protest and resistance. In the months that would follow, many of our churches and communities would commit and recommit to antiracist journeys. Yet, in 2022, killings by police reached a record high. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act languishes in the Senate. And, three years later, we wonder if we have what it takes to sustain our antiracist organizing and mobilizing as faithful followers of the revolutionary Jesus for the long term. As we move into the season of Pentecost, may we take the time to remember the tragic and unjust losses of our precious kin and to notice how we continue to be called to join the movement of the Spirit toward racial justice.

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“We tell stories about reality. But we also tell stories to change reality…Story-based strategy for social change creates systems and practices of telling a story in such a way that you're able to shape reality toward getting people free.”

- Rachel Plattus, PeoplesHub

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Rev. Amanda Hendler-Voss, Senior Minister, First Congregational UCC, Washington DC shares her insights about the role of storytelling in movement building and how the Join the Movement toward Racial Justice initiative connects us to each other and deepens our practices of antiracism.

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