Antiracism for Youth Curriculum

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With the help of youth ministers Rev. Gary Morello, Rev. Josh Barton, Rev. Ricardo Arocha, Rev. Logan Bennet, Rev. Chris Gilmore, Rev. Shakeema North, and lay leader Corina Hurst, Nurturing Justice has developed an Antiracism for Youth curriculum.  Nurturing Justice is a non-profit organization founded by the UCC’s Sacred Conversations to End Racism certified facilitator Rev. Kris Watson to promote the dignity of all humanity, expose the fallacy of white skinned supremacy, and promote the notion that there is no hierarchy of human value based on skin color.

Beginning with an immersive retreat, the Antiracism for Youth curriculum contains nine sessions with practices ranging from knowing our history, systemic racism, and racial microaggressions, to steps to dismantle white supremacy in one’s own setting.  As part of the curriculum, Nurturing Justice has created and copyrighted an Antiracism Journal for Youth that will guide young people through carefully designed questions helping them discover truths and explore how they are feeling throughout the journey.

Nurturing Justice offers their services and this curriculum to any who are interested and who share in our aspiration to empower young people to create a better future. They are excited to partner with churches, associations, conferences, and agencies looking to Nurture Justice through Relational Transformation. For more information or to engage with this work, contact Rev. Kris Watson at and visit their website at

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