Building Intergenerational Movements-Racial Justice Sunday 2023 Resources

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“[Our] movements have to be intergenerational.
We have to fight…with the energy and ideas of the young people and the wisdom and experience of our elders.
The only way that we can heal this is by working on it together.” – Jamie Margolin


In movements for racial justice, when organizers reference Fannie Lou Hamer’s famous quote, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free,” it is often to point out the need for our justice work to be intersectional – that is, aware of and addressing the overlapping harms of injustice and the interconnections of our visions of freedom. At Join the Movement, we recognize that one of the intersections we often forget in our racial justice work is across generational lines. From the labor movement to the civil rights movement to climate justice organizing, history teaches us that the most impactful justice work happens across generations.   From children to elders, people of every age can Join the Movement toward Racial Justice.  And we need people of every age to imagine and build a world of justice and flourishing for all.

As we celebrate Racial Justice Sunday this year in the UCC, we invite you to make use of these worship and spiritual practice resources that are intentionally intergenerational – creating entry points and spaces of reflection, prayer and praise for people of every age.  We hope you will use them to engage children, youth, adults and elders in joining the movement toward racial justice, this Sunday and every Sunday of the year.

Download resources here!


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