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In the context of rising instances of anti-Asian hate crimes, continued state violence against people of color, and the persistent power of white supremacy, this toolkit imagines what racial justice by, for and with Asian Americans can look like.  Created by 15 grassroots Asian American movement organizations, the toolkit consists of a series of workshop-style explorations.  All of the modules begin with stories – people’s lived experiences – building to structural and systemic understandings.  With a deep commitment to intersectional liberation, each session also explores how the personal stories at the center of inquiry are tied to the oppression of others.  There are many ways to use the toolkit, from putting together modules of particular interest to you community to following the curriculum through over the course of a year.  In addition, each module has a wealth of other resources cited, from videos and podcasts to articles and books.  The blessing of this labor of love continues unfolding as you deepen your engagement.


PART 1: Racial Justice Trainings

15 modules spanning Asian American Identity, Model Minority Myth, Gender & Patriarchy, White Supremacy, Race & Working Class + Immigrant Struggles, For Black Lives, Colonialism, & Islamo-Racism

PART II: Our Organizations in Racial Justice Movement Moments

Each organization choose to share a piece of curriculum that was important for their organization in racial justice movement moments

PART III: Resources

Affirmative Action & Prison Industrial Complex Fact Sheets, Hetereopatriarchy Discussion Guide, Muslim & Islam FAQ, as well as the SEA Community Letter on Black Solidarity and A4BL Principles & Protocols

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