An Open Letter…And We’re Still Here

Spoken word poet, Schmian Evans offers an open letter for Trans Day of Visibility - and every day - that celebrates the persistent resistant belovedness of trans, queer and nonbinary people of color whose light cannot be dimmed by transphobia or anti-trans policies and laws.

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Stories open hearts. Stories create movements. Stories change the world.

Across cultures and traditions, storytelling has always been a powerful tool for fostering connection, expanding understanding, and creating movement toward justice. Our stories of antiracist practices, healing resistance, and transformative action reveal the ways we align with the movement of the Holy Spirit inspiring our work for change. We hope these stories can help strengthen our movement toward racial justice as they open up new pathways of understanding, ignite our imaginations, and sustain our persistent hope that God’s kingdom will come, on earth as it is in heaven.

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We know you are doing creative, innovative, and heartfelt antiracist work in your communities. And we want to hear about it! Share stories about your work for racial justice to inspire and equip others in their advocacy and activism. By contributing your voice and listening to others, you help build the movement toward racial justice, across cultural expressions and lived experiences. Submit your story today.

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