Feb. 26 - May 21

How Slavery Shaped Us

What White People Did, Why, and What to Do Now

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“How Slavery Shaped Us: What white people did, why, and what to do now” is a 7-session study group that will examine key aspects of the institution of chattel slavery in the United States, with a focus on the various roles white people played in the development, maintenance and demise of that system.  We will study how turning human beings into commodities shaped our government, economy, and culture. We will trace the connections from chattel slavery to the most urgent crises of our time: extreme economic inequality, mass incarceration, the housing system that is forcing increasing numbers of people onto the streets, the hundreds of mass shootings that happen every year, the changing climate, and the rising tide of fascism.

This curriculum equips white people to play a strategic and necessary role in the ongoing struggle against white supremacy using Community Ready Corps’ framework of the 5 Methods to Divest of White Power and Weaponize White Privilege in support of Black self determination.  This is the education we need to uproot all forms of oppression and build a better world for everyone.

The series begins on Sunday, February 26 with an opening session. Sessions will take place virtually from 1-3pm PT every other week. Each session will build off of the others, so it is ideal for participants to be able to attend all sessions, though not required. Dates (all Sundays): February 26 March 12 March 26 April 9* April 23 May 7 May 21

*Note: For those observing Passover and/or Easter on April 9, there will be a makeup session on Sunday, April 16

Register by Feb. 1!





4-6pmET/1-3pm PT


Feb. 26 - May 21