Oct. 13 & 20, or Nov. 3 & 10

Get Ready, Stay Ready: Training Series for Community Safety from SURJ

Practical Skills Training Series for Community Safety in Escalating Times from SURJ

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It is no secret that our loved ones and important political partners are facing an onslaught of new challenges and threats. From an uptick in authoritarian governance, to the rise in repressive legislation and policies, to right-wing attacks on drag shows, community forests, school boards, and securing access to basic medical procedures. In these times, we must ask ourselves honestly, “how do we really keep each other safe?” and together, find solutions. 

That is why we are skilling up as a national SURJ network– chapters and members– because the struggles we’re in are incredibly difficult. We also know that these turbulent conditions will likely increase into 2024 and beyond. Join us for the Get Ready, Stay Ready safety and security training series, where we will offer two training sessions monthly, from August into November 2023. 

The first training, led by movement safety facilitator Shawn Fischer, Direct Action Security and Assessing the Threats We Face, will focus on practical steps to keep your group or organization safer when taking action for justice in urban and rural spaces. The second training, led by movement lawyer Mo Meltzer-Cohen, Resilience in the Face of State Repression, will focus on practical steps to have each other’s back when we find that our communities and our partners are vulnerable to the law and order arm of the state. 

These trainings are organized by Hilary Moore, Director of Political Education at SURJ, and lead on organizational security. Notably, the trainers will offer office hours between training sessions, for those who have attended their training, to answer your specific questions and trouble-shoot the challenges your group or chapter is facing. 

We will be referencing the We Keep Us Safe toolkit that went out last Fall, so be sure to check that out!

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5:30-6:30pmET and 6-7pmET


Oct. 13 & 20, or Nov. 3 & 10